COVID-19 Emergency Loans & Fund

Our hope is to provide a bridge to get you to a better market or stimulus funding. Here are some options:

Payment Protection Program

SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program

Below is a loan offering from the Anaconda Local Development Corporation

Loan Details:
Businesses must be directly affected by the COVID-19 shutdown.

Businesses must show the ability to make the debt service at normal cash flows.

Collateral requirements on the loans are waived we can take second liens on property or equipment.

Up to $10,000.00 for operations and payroll only.Up to a 3 Year Term, no early repayment penalties.

0% Interest for 6 Months, 2% after that. The first payment can be deferred for the first six months, but the 2% interest will start at 6 months with or without deferment.

3 – 5 Business days from application to disbursement. 

We know that a loan is always a scary endeavor but we are hoping that in pinch these funds can get you through to stimulus funds or more normal market time.
Loan Application