COVID 19 Resources


Payroll Protection Program

This is a loan that is forgiven and turned into a grant if certain requirements are met for the expense of the funds.  It is meant to retain and bring back employees to the business and use the grant for payroll.  It also pays rent and utilities to some extent.  You apply for this program at any of the local banks. Below is a link to the specifics:



Northwestern Energy Utility Cost Grants

Northwestern Energy is offering grants for small businesses that need help covering energy and gas bills due to the COVID-19 Shutdown.

Thryv Foundation

To help businesses through the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Thryv Foundation will provide grants through its 2020 Small Business COVID-19 Program.

Low-Interest Loan Programs

SBA Disaster Recover Loan:

This tool can be used to get a loan for operations and debt restructuring.  It comes with a deferment of six months of payment and can be up to two million dollars. The term is 3.5% up to 20 years  Collateral requirements have been waived.  Here is more information:

Anaconda Local Development Emergency Loan Fund

Finally, the Anaconda Local Development Corporation is offering 2% loans with a six-month payment deferment up to $10,000 for operations and payroll if the other programs are not an option for you.