Anaconda is a welcoming, accommodating place to start a business. The community is rich with opportunities for nearly any type of business – from storefronts and coffee shops to international companies and telecommuters. An owner of an Anaconda-based business could serve a client stuck in traffic in a metropolitan area, while enjoying a 5-minute commute to a blue-ribbon trout stream.

Anaconda’s physical location is a boon to business. The area has an abundance of infrastructure and raw land and is located close to major Interstate highways, railroads and natural resources.


Anaconda possesses a motivated, skilled workforce willing to learn and prepare for the unique aspects of new jobs.

While qualified workers live in Anaconda currently, others have left Montana to explore the world of employment elsewhere but long to return. These folks are well-educated, highly trained and experienced professionals looking for a chance to come home.


There are opportunities for employees to continue their educations or retrain for new career paths in Anaconda. The Highlands College, Montana Tech of the University of Montana provides education and training opportunities.

There are grants available for both new and incumbent training programs, including one that provides $2,000 a year for education for workers who want to tap into additional training to meet the unique skill set required by an employer.